5 Must Have Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure washers are fantastic cleaning tools that rejuvenate and refresh the surface while boosting cleaning performance. They are ideal if you want to access all the nooks and cracks blasting away any debris and dirt in a large surface without wasting too much time. To get even better performance from the incredible machine, some accessories just blend in well, which makes your cleaning more enjoyable and easier.

The Top 5 Must have Pressure Washer Accessories

1. Pressure Washer Hose

All machines feature a hose attachment. At times, however, they may not be the best quality. The hose that comes with the device may also be shorter; thus does not cater to your needs. Be sure to determine your exact needs so as to find a hose that will serve you in the best possible way. Word of advice when shopping for the hose:

  • Ensure that it is reinforced with metal like steel as this allows it to withstand the highest pressure.
  • Look out for PSI ratings to be confident that it can support the output pressure of the model you are using.
  • Check the diameter of the hose fittings and only buy one that matches with the hose and the pressure washer perfectly for a perfect match.
  • It is best to get one that has a kink-free design.

2. Multipurpose Tips

These tips are great as they can spread water over a 45-degree angle, helping users to cover a large surface area. Additionally, you can also change to a zero degree nozzle if you are looking to project the power of the machine to a single point. For instance, if you are washing a car, you will want to use the 45-degree option. However, if you are focusing on one dirty area, the 0-degree option may work best. A single nozzle is great because it can save you a lot of time because you will not be required to switch out the tips each time you need to do a new cleaning task.

3. Rotary Brush

These are designed specifically for electric pressure washers. It comes in handy when you want to remove grime and dirt from different surfaces like wood decks, tiles, and other surfaces that could be sensitive to powerful force. The brush attaches to the lance where it can extend all the way to the surface of the floor. When you use this with your machine, you will benefit from a more efficient cleaning solution especially if the surface does not need to much water pressure.

4. Soap Injector

At times cleaning jobs require the use of both water and soap for optimal results. A soap injector may be just want you need to complete your pressure washer. Attach this at the end of the pressure washing unit fastening it to a spray lance or wand. Put soap or any other detergent in the canister and water will pass through here to go into the spray nozzle on the other end. With this, you will get an even layer of the soap on the surface that you are cleaning. Let the soap soak in before moving back to the high-pressure nozzle.

5. Pump Saver

It is a liquid solution that lubricates the pressure washer unit protecting it from freezing. It also prevents build up of harmful water deposits inside the unit. It is not all as it also preserves pistons and seals inside the motor. This is to say that it extends the overall life of the machine as well as its parts. You can use a single bottle for at least five applications. Experts recommend that you use it before winter so that it can work well. You can also use it in warm weather to ensure you use the pressure washer for a long time.

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