Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets?

Are Air Purifiers Safe for PetsThose who suffer from respiratory problems as well as allergies, will benefit from installing air purifiers. This is because there are microbes in the air. Some are seasonal like pollen and some, like mold, can be rid of by keeping the house clean. However, those with pets have a perennial problem in the form of hair, fur and feathers which are constantly being shed in addition to dander. Pets also get dust as well as pollen into the house.

Birds have interlocking feathers. The barbs that hold these feathers together are rubbed against each other each time the bird moves and that produces dust. The bigger the bird the more dust is produced. Also, bird urine as well as feces when dried, turn to dust, and that gets airborne and causes allergic reactions.

Cat saliva is deposited on its fur when the cat grooms itself by licking. This contains allergens and forms dust when either the owner pets the cat or the cat scratches herself. The same goes for dogs as well as for furry rodents like gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs. Not only the saliva but dried urine too contains allergens. This results in itchy eyes, sneezing as well as itchy skin for the person who touches the animal and then forgets to wash their hands. A house with pets also has unpleasant odors which need to be removed like cat litter smell.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Pets too do not benefit from inhaling these smells or even the microbes. Also, this is also combined with various chemicals that are present in the house. If one has an indoor air purifier, it removes all these particles and thus the air quality is improved along with the odors. This benefits the pet in addition to the owners.

Kinds of Air Purifiers

There are different kinds of air purifiers and not all of them are beneficial to the pet especially birds. There are ionizers which are also called ozonators. These oxidize the air. It destroys fungus, mold, bacteria as well as mildew and viruses and leaves behind pure oxygen. However, if one has birds, this could be harmful for them as they cannot take in too much oxygen.

  • There are HEPA or high efficiency particular air filters. These pass the air through a mesh and all the harmful particles get entrapped in it including tobacco smoke.
  • There are electrostatic air purifiers which work like dust magnets as they attract and collect the particles.
  • Filters only trap the particles but do not destroy them unless they are fitted with germicidal accessories. The carbon based filters absorb odors. For strong odors however, there are customized filters which can be fitted.
  • Ultra-Violet Light kills bacteria which passes through it and therefore reduces disease transmission.


If you’re looking for the answer to the question of are air purifiers safe for pets, the answer is yes. They do not cause any problems to your pets and can be set up easily in your home. Air purifiers work well for humans and pets alike though the right air purifier should be chosen which will not harm the pet.

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