Do Breadmakers Save Money?

do breadmakers save moneyLike its name states, a breadmaker is a home appliance that exists for the sole purpose of baking bread. As such, its use is simple and straightforward, so much so that its user’s role is limited to putting in the right amount of ingredients in the right order before checking its settings and turning it on. For users who like bread but cannot spare sufficient time and effort for breadmaking, this is an incredible convenience, particularly since newer models can bake entire loaves of bread within no more than an hour’s time.

Of course, a breadmaker has other benefits as well. For example, most models of breadmakers can handle a wide range of doughs to bake a wide range of breads, meaning that it can actually provide its users with bread that they can’t make on their own. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that some breadmakers can even add nuts and fruits to their dough automatically, thus enabling an even wider range of breads while also saving their users even more time and effort. Summed up, breadmakers don’t just help their users by providing them with convenient access to fresh bread, they also expand the range of bread that is available to them.

For Whom Do Breadmakers Save Money?

Having established the benefits of a breadmaker, it becomes possible to assess whether it can help its user to save money or not using these factors:

  1. Baking bread at home is cheaper than buying bread because the cost of the ingredients plus the cost of the power for the breadmaker should not match sale prices except under rare and unusual circumstances. However, the relevant issue is whether the savings from each loaf of bread will surpass the breadmaker’s cost before the breadmaker reaches the end of its useful lifespan.
  2. If your family eats a fair amount of bread, you can expect the savings from your breadmaker to more than make up its value within a short period of time, particularly since some breadmakers can be bought for less than a hundred dollars. In contrast, if your family eats next to no bread, you should probably avoid buying a breadmaker unless you are planning to use it to make other things such as jam, pasta dough, pizza dough, and even Japanese rice cake.
  3. Bread comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and doughs, meaning that bread comes in a wide range of prices. If your family likes to eat the cheapest kinds of bread, your savings per loaf of bread are going to be minuscule. In contrast, if your family likes to eat more expensive kinds of bread, you can expect more and more value out of your breadmaker, particularly if they are so hard to find that you need to travel long distances to buy them.
  4. Finally, if you can buy your ingredients in bulk, you can expect to save more money by using a breadmaker than if you have to buy your ingredients in small portions. This is because buying in bulk reduces the per unit price of the ingredients being bought in bulk, meaning that your savings per loaf of bread will increase since you are spending less on your ingredients.

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