Can Chainsaws Cut Through Metal?

Can Chainsaws Cut Through MetalCan a chainsaw cut through metal? It is almost comical to pose this question to people from all walks of life and see the types of answers that you get. Those that are relatively familiar with chainsaws will probably answer in the affirmative, while others will typically say no and may even scoff at you for even having the nerve to ask such a question. However, that still won’t get you any closer to finding a genuine solution. The answer to the question is yes, chainsaws can cut through metal but there are certain caveats that are involved. It is not as simple as taking any old run-of-the-mill chainsaw out and cutting through metal. It depends on the type of chainsaw blade that you are using, not to mention the metal that you are actually cutting through.

Cutting through Different Types of Metal

There is a big difference between cutting through metal such as the tin that is used on a shed or a metal building and cutting through a steel pipe. In some cases, the thinner metal is so pliable that you can actually bend it with your bare hands, making it easy for virtually any chainsaw to cut through. Cutting through a steel pipe is an entirely different subject altogether. This will require a chainsaw that has a blade designed specifically to cut metal and it requires someone that has the skill level to do it. Make no mistake about it, cutting through metal with a regular chainsaw blade is never a good idea but there are times that you run across the occasional nail while you are cutting wood. In most cases, a high-quality chainsaw is capable of going through that type of metal with relative ease.

However, it can be rather unnerving for someone that is not very experienced at using a chainsaw because it usually creates a small spark when the chainsaw blade contacts the metal.

As far as using a chainsaw blade to cut through metal on a routine basis, it is entirely possible. However, as previously mentioned, it requires the use of a special blade. More often than not, these blades are made from carbide. It allows the blade to be strong enough to cut through the metal without becoming dull or breaking.

However, there are times when even these chainsaws cannot stand up to the punishment they are being put through. Therefore, chainsaws of this type are usually heavy duty pieces of equipment and they typically require a little more routine maintenance in between uses in order to keep them in good condition.

If you plan on cutting a lot of metal, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can do it with a regular chainsaw that has a standard blade. All you will eventually do is wear out the blade and probably wear out the chainsaw in the process. If you do plan on cutting through metal on a routine basis, take the time to purchase the right equipment and ensure that you have everything you need before you begin. It will make the entire process much easier, not to mention allowing it to go more smoothly. In the end, you will be glad that you took the extra time and effort to ensure that you could get the job done efficiently before you actually start cutting.

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