Costs for Above Ground Pool Installation

above ground pool installation costIt is almost that time. The weather is becoming warmer, the sun brighter and the frost from the cold winter is melting away. This time, of year can only result in one thing- Summer! Many people this time of year begin to wonder whether or not they should put in a pool to cool their family and friends during the hot days to come. Many people ask how much does a pool cost and should it go in the ground or above? One thing is for sure, pool is a pool no matter if it is above the ground or on the ground. However, if there are money issues, getting a pool installed above ground is a lot cheaper. Plus, it is faster installation which means, those cookouts could begin within weeks, instead months.

So just how much does an above ground pool installation cost?

Well, it all depends on what perks go with the pool. Some people want all the bells and whistles, including the deck and slide while others just want a way to take a quick dip to cool off. Some states require a license and additional safety around the pool which could add more to the cost of the pool.

The usual price for a pool will run about $400 to $4,500. Why such a difference, well it depends on where the pool was purchased. In some cases, a person may get a pool at Wal-Mart and pay the minimum amount, while another person may go to a professional that will install everything one needs for a wet and wild summer. Pools that are found at places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot are not made to with stand the test of time. Sure they may be perfect for a couple of seasons, but will soon wear out due to the materials used in making them.

As with an in the ground pool, an above pool comes in many different shapes and sizes. This too affects the cost of the pool and the maintenance that goes along with owning a pool. Many people don’t take into account the cost of the up keep and chemicals needed for maintaining a pool and the accessories that go along with owning a pool. The chemicals alone for an above ground pool can run nearly $90 a month. The accessories for the pool can include anything from ladders to get and out of the pool, a filter and pump to clear the debris from the bottom of the pool as well as on the top, and covers. These costs can begin to add up quickly especially if the pool is oversized and how often it is put to good use.

All in all, owning a pool will undoubtedly increase the value of the home, but the initial costs are not what most people expect. If a pool is in your families future, it is highly advisable to seek a professional to not only install the pool but also to help keep it in its optimal condition for years to come.

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