Are Electric Smokers Better than Propane?

For many years now, people have been using electric and propane smokers. In fact, both cooking methods guarantee best food flavor when used, thus the cause as to why they are widely preferred. Though they are different, they share lots of similarities. The main difference that separates them is how they generate heat. While gas smokers uses wood or charcoal to generate heat, electric smoker uses electricity.

Features of a Propane Smoker

The design of this smoker permits the smoking of heat in an environment that is controlled. A gas burner is used to generate the heat. This burner is located directly below a steered box or iron that has the necessary fuel, which is wood or charcoal to provide smoke.

The steel box itself is made in such a way that it contains some vent holes that are situated at the top part of the box. Actually, what it does is smoking and not burning. One can always add charcoal or wood to produce smoke.

Here, the smoker utilizes a propane tank, the same way a gas grill does.

Advantages of Gas Smokers

  1. Simple in usage. Just like the electric smokers, a gas smoker is the easiest to use. There are no complex rules to adhere to, making it to be used by almost any person apart from little kids.
  2. Very Portable. Due to its manageable size, it is portable to be carried anywhere be it on trips or to camping. This makes it more acceptable than the electric one
  3. Flexibility. As it is seen, a gas smoker is flexible as it can shoot to 450 degrees and over.
  4. Very fast in cooking. As compared to electric smokers, a gas smoker is way much faster than an electric one, which needs time to warm up. Also, one can regulate the temperatures at any given time.
  5. Can be used at any place. This is an added advantage over electric one, as it doesn’t need to be connected to a source of electricity in order to function. For this reason, many people opt for it. Others term it to be all weather smoker.

Features of an Electric Smoker

This smoker is similar to the gas one, but it differs in some ways. For instance, an electric smoker has got complex parts like heating elements, thermostats and timers which are programmable.

Another difference is that it uses electricity and not wood or charcoal. This means that it cannot be used in places where there is no electricity.

However, when used, it produces amazing results that anyone will like.

Benefits of Electric Smokers

  • Safety: actually, it is very safe to use it. Unlike gas smokers which require fire to generate smoke, this one doesn’t. Also, they are not risky as the gas ones which can cause fire.
  • Cheap: comparing the two, electric smokers are cheaper than gas ones. They do not need wood or charcoal to function, just plugging them to electricity, and they do not consume a lot of power.
  • Easy to Use: with just plugging into the socket, programming the temperature, you are ready to use it in cooking. With the gas, you have to wait for some time to attain a certain cooking temperature.
  • Convenient: they have no concerns like gas smokers. For instance, electric smokers do not need keeping a stable flow of air, flame, and temperature like gas smokers need.


Both, propane and electric smokers are currently very popular methods of cooking. When deciding which one is the best to have at home, you need to look out for all the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them, also taking into consideration your location (if electrified or not).

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