How Gardens Help the Environment

How Gardens Help the EnvironmentThe environment is an important part of everyday life. There are many things that can improve the world we live in. Having a good domain will help increase the planet, by improving the atmosphere that we live in. One way that people can contribute to improving our habitat is with gardening. Gardening has numerous benefits to the economy. Planting seeds to produce food allows for an increase in productivity in local communities. Large gardens that grow food will increase the supply of produce in grocery store chains. It allows individuals to shop and purchase products that are fresh and healthy for their families. Here are a few ways that the process of gardening can increase the health of the environment.

Produces Oxygen

A positive aspect of gardening is that it allows for oxygen to be put back into the atmosphere. Plants do not need to take in oxygen to breathe. Only animals and humans need oxygen to survive. Gardening allows for plants to intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the environment. Plants have a positive impact on humans and creatures because it increases production of oxygen supply.

Reduces Pollution

Individuals who garden to grow food for their families decrease the pollution that is put into the atmosphere. People can pick and cook the vegetables that they have produced instead of buying them at the store. This reduces the supply of vegetables that need to be transported and delivered to the markets. Gardens reduce the number of trucks on the road that ship food to the grocery stores. It saves on the fossil fuels and energy that is being used. Eating healthy food that is grown at home has become very helpful for the domain we live in.

Decreases Global Warning

The sun produces heat which is used to heat up the earth’s atmosphere. A greenhouse gas known as carbon dioxide assists with keeping the heat on the earth’s surface. If greenhouse gas did not exist, then there would be no heat on planet earth. Our planet would be cold all the time instead of warm during most seasons. When there are too many greenhouse gasses produced it causes a problem for the Earth’s temperature all year around. This is called global warming. Global warming is a negative impact on the earth and causes the planet to have difficulty cooling down. Plants that are produced help with reducing global warming. The garden plants take out the carbon dioxide from the air. They then use that carbon dioxide for themselves to make energy. This is a very helpful way that gardens continuously help the environment.

Increasing Health and Nutrients

The advantage of growing food in a garden offers a variety of nutrients for healthy lifestyles. Garden food has no pesticides or chemicals sprayed on the food which makes it more natural and organic. There is an increase in antioxidants in the food that help improve the body’s health. It has proven to keep more nutrients in the food that is home grown. Which allows for stronger growth and development.

Gardens are a positive feature that is used to keep the environment healthy and strong. Without gardens, there would be an increase in pollution, global warming, carbon dioxide, and unhealthy lifestyles. The more people who decide to grow their own food will not only be helping themselves but will be improving the world they live.

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