Are Gas Ranges Better than Electric?

gas or electricThe age-old battle of which is better between the gas or electric range has just entered a new phase that no one anticipated.

It was thought with the advent of cheap electric power electric ranges would gradually replace the gas ranges that have been around since your grandmother baked those cakes and the Thanksgiving turkey that we all remember fondly. The final verdict and the reasons for it at the end of this article might just surprise you. So, we are going to give the pros of each type of range first then should our decision of which is better.

The answer will go against conventional wisdom to be sure and you may or may not agree with it but it will leave you with food for thought in this topsy turvy world we live in.

In favor of Gas

A gas range will give you heat right away and requires less heat up and cool down than an electric range. It cooks evenly and has been a reliable source of cooking heat for decades now in America and natural gas has replaced wood and coal as a primary source of heat and for cooking since before the start of the 20th century.

Control of the heat is constant one you have learned the idiosyncrasies of your range and with the new digital thermometers you can now get precise heat settings for your range and time adjustments and audible warnings let you know when the food is done.

The price of gas rises and falls seasonally but is still an economical way to cook.

The electric range was touted as the marvel of the age

In 1933 at the Chicago world’s fair, the first commercial electric range was shown to the public and in the ensuing years AC power, which was also demonstrated and lighted the entire World Columbian exposition as it was called. So it was the dawn ing of a new world. Electric ranges then followed the rapid spread of the wires that crossed the nation.

Electric ranges allow for an exact control of heat and are self-cleaning and they shut themselves off when cooking is done. So it was thought they would replace gas entirely.

A Surprise development

Nuclear power was supposed to give us unlimited virtually clean energy. However, the cost and safety concerns have almost stymied the nuclear power industry. Coal-fired plants had to take up the load. Now comes the kicker. President Obama’s plan to cut the nation’s coal dependency by 30% has threatened the solvency of six states. This also has threatened to raise the price of electricity through the roof. You may already be seeing it on your utility bill as the writing of this article.

Gas, on the other hand, has become a glut on world markets and only because our refineries are kept idle has the price of gas remained where it is.

So now, we are in a quandary electricity or gas. Well, it seems for the immediate future gas will win out and until the Eco-friendly legislature solves the sourcing of electric power it will continue to rise.

So, you see it really isn’t a question of which is better. It is a question of simple economics and with your salary shrinking after the 2008, Financial Meltdown. Gas is now becoming a more attractive energy source for home and your cooking needs. This, in the final analysis, is what will shape whether you cook with a gas range or not.
So, the Gas Range wins by default.

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