Why Did My Gas Stove Stop Working?

Have you ever prepared a meal only to realize that your gas stove has stopped working? Cooking food with a gas stove is a sure bet after the food is ready. Many challenges may obstruct your ability to cook with the gas stove and not unless you know the cause, you may not address the issue. However, some of them may be solved in the least time possible. It is necessary to take all the precautions required to ensure that your gas stove serves you longer.

Avoid as much as possible to repair the cases of the gas leak but instead, leave the task to the professionals. The article will explore some of the challenges that you may encounter while dealing with the gas stove as well as the reasons why it may stop working.

Common Problems While Using a Gas Stove

  1. The surface burner fails to light. This is a public challenge and if it is not addressed your cooker may stop working entirely. It is diagnosed when the pilot lights are extinguished or the burner has clogged potholes. If your gas stove can use the electric igniter, plug it in and correct the tripped circuit breakers.
  2. The pilot light goes off. The problem can be addressed without relying on a professional. You only need to wash the pilot light opening and adjust the pilot light.
  3. The gas stove may provide a weak burner flame. It could be less impressive than the normal one and may not be efficient for cooking. It is likely to be so when the level of the gas has reduced or when there is less gas getting into the burner. You will, therefore, be required to adjust the air hole or refill the gas.
  4. The oven burner fails to light. This could be a problem with the power cord or the clock time is tampered with.
  5. The gas odor is also realized every time the burner is not tightly closed or when the ventilating of the kitchen is blocked. If the heater is loose, you need to get a new one or have it repaired.

Why The Gas Stove May Stop Working

It is clear that some of the above problems may be addressed while others can cause the gas stove to stop working. The following are some of the reasons as to why a gas stove may stop working.

  • If the burner is wet or dirty, the gas stove is not likely to work. The clogging and the spillovers may wet the burner. It the top of the heater is moist, it will not be possible to have an ignition. The stove will click but will not ignite until it is dry. Always shake the water after cleaning the burner to remove the excess water.
  • If the electrodes are not well placed. They should be sitting well aligned to the cooktop. Ensure you press the wire and twist until it is well seated.
  • If the burner cap or head are missing or in the wrong position, the gas stove will not work. Ensure that all the components of the gas stove are well placed before you ignite the gas stove.

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