How Do Above Ground Pools Work?

Above ground pools don’t run by itself – they have everything from a wall, top rails to a frame to skimmers and tracks to make it work.

While there are some variations in every model, you would see that most manufacturers have the same ingredients. It’s only when you have all of this together than an above ground pool would work properly.
Here is a look at some of the things you would expect an above ground pool to have.

The Structure of an Above Ground Pool

First off, your above ground pool needs a good structure to support itself. Here are a few things that make it possible.

1. Wall

Made traditionally from galvanized steel, it gives the pool its strength. It’s often coated in materials like vinyl to help make the pool durable.

It’s the wall that decides whether your pool can take in the water weight – or to stop the water from flowing outside.

2. Frame

It secures the wall and also provides the added strength. Often, it is coated with steel, or resin.

3. Top Rails

Forming the top ledge, it forms the top ledge.

4. Top and Base Track

The top rack is located beneath the rails while the base track forms the bottom rim of the pool structure. Both the tracks help provide structural stability to the pool.

Maintaining the Stability

The next thing is to look at how stable and durable your pool will be, which can be done with the help of the vinyl liner.

The liner is what keeps the pool safe from rusting and other corrosion. However, the problem with them is that you would need to replace them every five to ten years. Add to it the fact that you need to buy specific vinyl liners for your pool as they are size specific.

How Do Above Ground Pools Work?

The answer to this is in two of the equipment that an above ground pool has – the skimmer and the pump and filter system. Let us take a look at how they work with each other.

 1. Skimmer

Attached near the top of the pool, it helps keep the water clean, filtering it out from any medium and large debris. Plus, it also offers a vacuum system – you’ve probably already felt it if you have been to a pool once. It’s those little gushing water spots.

Any debris can collect easily in the well of the skimmer, and you can retrieve it easily.

2. Pump and filter system

This is actually how above ground pools work.

The filter system you need depends on everything from your pool size to the filtration system you have used. You need the filter system to be near the skimmer and have a return port that is connected to flexible hoses. This ensures that when the pool water is pulled in through the skimmer, it gets returned to the pool after filtration, through the return port.


Apart from the things discussed above, an above ground pool does have other things too – like uprights and top caps.
Above ground pools are easy to install, but they do need a little bit of care. It’s important for you to know how above ground pools work, before you actually buy one so that you don’t end up regretting it.

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